Jacque Sierad, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been working in the field of therapy since 1994. I work with individuals, couples & families. I also love working with adolescents and young adults. I specialize in eating disorders, addictions & trauma. I also work in other areas including self-esteem issues, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, parenting/family issues & self-destructive, self-sabotaging behaviors. I am an eclectic practitioner. I utilize a variety of approaches including psychotherapy, cognitive & behavioral therapies, EMDR, art & experiential therapies. I believe that you have inner resources and strengths that you may need to discover, re-connect with or strengthen that are an integral part of healing and living a good life. I don’t believe that “one size fits all” and will work with you to help you find the way to get what you are needing in your life.

I have worked in a variety of treatment facilities and understand the need to bring in the right resources for each individual, couple or family. I, along with my colleagues, am very involved in the professional therapeutic community and will work with you to get any additional psychiatric, medical, treatment or holistic resources you may need to get the results you want from your therapy experience. I absolutely believe that you can feel better, have better relationships and live a better life and am deeply committed to helping you find your way there!


(818) 224-2248

Specializes in:
• Eating Disorders

• Trauma

• Depression

• Anxiety & Panic Attacks

• Self Esteem Issues

• Parenting Issues

Before your initial visit
You can download and print my intake forms. Completing them before our first visit can be helpful.

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