Those Pesky Emotions --- The Roadway to addiction, eating disorders and Dysfunction - Jacque Sierad

How many of us have found ourselves feeling overwhelmed, confused or inconvenienced by our emotions? We may find ourselves flaring up with anger “out of nowhere”, suddenly feeling sad, reacting to something someone has said or up all night worrying, not even sure what we are worrying about. How many of us have found ourselves wishing we could just get rid of these pesky emotions so that we can just get on with our daily routine and on with our lives? How many of us have done something or reached for something to distract us and help us to feel better?

published: Oct 30, 2013

When is EMDR an Appropriate Treatment Option? Carie Brinton

Personally, I try to stay away from diagnosis whenever possible. However, if you have been given any of these diagnoses, it would be worth a call to see if EMDR could potentially benefit you: infidelity, PTSD, trauma reaction, addiction, codependency, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and more.

published: Oct 30, 2013

Empty Nesting - Cynthia Weston

What do you do with an empty nest? Move to a new tree or gather new sticks? After all the many years of focusing so much of your attention on raising your kids you may wonder, “What am I going to do with myself now that they are gone?”

published: Oct 10, 2013